New Orleans Divorce Lawyer Explains How To Prevent Divorce from Destroying Your Credit


Divorce, illness and a long term disability are the most common life events that have a catastrophic effect on a person’s financial well being.  Frequently a person going through divorce watches as the former spouse destroys their credit rating.

These tips may be helpful in maintaining your credit score:

1. It is important to check your credit score periodically to see if your credit has been affected by your divorce. It will also show if any debts that you once shared with your spouse are neglected. This information is helpful in determining when it is time to cancel joint accounts.

2. All bank accounts, debts, and property that you share with your spouse should be separated, canceled or sold.

3. When you have canceled all of your joint accounts and divided debts so that you are not legally bound to your former spouse’s current debts, it is your best interest to notify creditors of your divorce.

4. Work with your New Orleans divorce lawyer to make sure that you have addressed all the issues that could inadvertently affect your future credit rating after your divorce is finalized.

The most important thing that you can do during divorce proceedings is to protect your interests. This is not the time to allow the emotional upheaval of a divorce to impair your good judgment. If you follow these suggestions, you should maintain a good credit standing. For more information, visit

Peyton B. Burkhalter: Excellent Personal Injury Attorney In Metairie

When you visit a store or a restaurant, you expect to be safe from potential accidents which are not your fault. It is the responsibility of the business owner to provide areas that are free from danger for patrons or to use a legal term, invitees. Proper signage is invaluable to help invitees to keep out of restricted areas so that business may operate effectively. If you have experienced a slip and fall accident, you may be hurt, confused, and unsure about your legal rights.   You should contact Peyton Burkhalter, an experienced Metairie personal injury attorney who has demonstrated expertise in handling the complex facets of cases resulting from slip and fall accidents.

The business or property owner will go to extreme measures to try to prove to a judge that the accident was not their fault, or an injury by the accuser is pre-existing and not relevant. Many clients who seek the advice of a professional attorney after a slip and fall incident are not eligible for any compensation because the business was not at fault. To receive a settlement, you must be able to prove negligence on behalf of the business. Many times the invitee will hurt themselves from their negligence and therefore can make no claim. However, in those cases where the invitee feels that the business and or employees are negligent, it will be necessary to make an appointment as soon as possible with your attorney. In Louisiana, there is a statute of limitations regarding filing a personal injury lawsuit.

The keyword is “Safe,” it is the obligation of the business to provide safe areas for customers. If this is violated because of building code violations, wet surfaces, or any negligence of the business or it’s agents, you may be entitled to compensation. Premises liability claims happen to all types of people, and you should take the advice of an attorney in these matters, do not take the law into your hands and try to negotiate a settlement with the business or their attorneys. This is a mistake and will cost you money, contact the professional law office of this attorney at

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San Antonio DWI Attorney Get Results!

In the state of Texas, drunk driving is a problem. In 2013, the Texas Department of Transportation reported that eleven hundred people died from alcohol-related car accidents, not to mention the number of injured people that survived.

Although there are laws to protect us from drunk drivers, people continue to drink and drive. If you are an adult age 21 or older, the consequences for a first DWI offense are severe. Expect to pay a fine of $2,000 with a license suspension of up to two years. Jail time for up to 180 days is a possibility. You may be required to attend a DWI intervention program which will be an additional charge. You may be required to have an ignition interlock device installed on your vehicle. Expect to pay higher auto insurance charges for the rest of your life. An annual fee of $2,000 for three years is required in order to keep your license. The social stigma is very embarrassing, to say the least. Some individuals lose their jobs if driving is required.

If you are facing a DWI charge in Texas, get legal assistance immediately. Hire this San Antonio DWI attorney. He has the skills and expertise to minimize the effects of a conviction and may possibly get the case dismissed. His expertise comes from practical experience successfully defending his clients. He will use the technical defense to contest a license revocation hearing. This is just one example of the many facets of representing an individual charged with a DWI. If you want an attorney that get results, visit this DWI attorney website.

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Personal Injury Attorney Covington Aggressively Fights For Clients

At the Upton Law Firm, Tim Upton is committed to representing individuals who need help in all injury cases where recklessness, negligence, or deliberate wrongful action is responsible for their injury. He has the expertise to handle all types of personal injury cases in negotiation with insurance companies and in court.

Accidents occur when least expected. If you are involved in an accident with someone who thoroughly disregarded your rights and safety, there should be consequences. This attorney will hold them responsible for their actions. He has a lengthy history of successfully representing victims who have experienced serious and catastrophic injuries because of another’s wrongful actions. You may be eligible to receive your loss of income, hospital bills paid, and pain and suffering if you are a victim of a wrongful action.

Because insurance companies typically move to settle personal injury lawsuits as quickly and cheaply as possible, the injured party typically receives a small amount of what they actually deserve. It is not a good idea to settle quickly. Hiring an expert personal injury attorney should be the first plan of action. This attorney will negotiate for his clients for a fair settlement and if needed will fight aggressively in court to ensure that his clients receive fair compensation for their injuries. For more information and a free initial consultation, visit

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