New Orleans DWI Attorney Successfully Defends Clients

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For a first-time DWI charge and arrest, you may feel overwhelmed and not be sure which way to turn. A DWI arrest can be embarrassing, humiliating, and expensive to say the least. Because DWI is a severe charge in Louisiana, it is essential to understand your rights, possible consequences of the charges against you, and the best opportunity for defense. Visit to consult with this experienced attorney.

This attorney can help. He has successfully defended many clients by providing options for fighting to beat a first-time DWI case. The DWI process requires significant preparation and knowledge on his part for you to have the best opportunity for a successful defense. Because technology and science have advanced, DWI laws have evolved including evidentiary and discovery issues; therefore, it is imperative to hire an experienced attorney so that the prosecution has difficulty proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

You owe it to yourself to get the proper assistance to dispute and fight the DWI charge. This attorney has a proven record of defending first offense DWI charges successfully. To keep your driver’s license after being charged with DWI offense, it is necessary for you to dispute and fight the DWI charge. Based upon arrest circumstances, this attorney will evaluate all aspects of the case to determine the best course of action. To expect a realistic possibility of keeping your driver’s license, and avoid some of the high costs and penalties involved, it is essential to have your case carefully reviewed by this DWI lawyer as early as possible. Entrust your freedom to only the best criminal defense attorney in the area.

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